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i see...

 投稿者:Nuts  投稿日:2007年 1月12日(金)17時23分26秒
  you were no less a student than we are...
i can't realize!!(haha)

i also went to a shrine near my house.
there were so many people in the precinct that i and my sisters had to line and wait long time to pray...(sigh)

anyway,i'm gonna visit 亀岡文殊 the day after tomorrow!
it goes without saying what i will pray there.

To Nuts

 投稿者:Mr. Kikuchi  投稿日:2007年 1月12日(金)11時44分31秒
  I've not seen you for a long time in this site.
I'm pleased to see you. You are excited, right? I'm much more nervous now!!!

For the first time, I spent o-shogatsu in Yamagata, and visited Tenmangoo Shrine near Yamagata Univ. Before that, I watched song-battle(??) "Kohhaku Uta-Gassen" on NHK, of course.
But when I was a jukensei, I might not have watched TV. I can't study while I am watching TV or listening music.

Anyway, do your best for entrance exams.


OH MY GOD!!!!!!!

 投稿者:Nuts  投稿日:2007年 1月12日(金)10時31分13秒
  センター試験 is coming soon!
i'm so exciting! i'm gonna get a perfect score on the English test(haha!)

anyway, how was your New year's day?? you did study hard without watching TV,right!?


 投稿者:Mr. Kikuchi  投稿日:2007年 1月 2日(火)08時20分41秒
  I wish you a happy new year!
How are you?
Last year was special for me. Because, as you know, I got married.
I want to have a wonderful year as well as last year.

I hope to see more of you!


 投稿者:Miho.s  投稿日:2006年11月14日(火)05時33分16秒
  Hello,everyone(*^∨^)ノAnd thank you,Mr.kikuchi☆★
We're going to take part in classmatch today.I will play the volleyball,dodge ball and"zoukin relay".I like playing ball game.But I cannot play it well.So I'll try to play it today.
Do our best!!('▽^*)bヾAnd let's enjoy♪゙

To masaru gamagufit

 投稿者:Mr. Kikuchi  投稿日:2006年11月13日(月)09時30分10秒
  How are you? Thank you for writing in this site.
I'm sorry I can't guess who you are.

Especially, now is the moment of truth as to study for entrance exams.
Anyway, "Ganbatte!!"

To Miho.s & MASATO

 投稿者:Mr. Kikuchi  投稿日:2006年11月13日(月)09時22分32秒
  I'm very sorry for answering too late.
Thank you for having come to the Wedding party. But I am sorry I couldn't give a good reception.
Not only I but also my wife was so moved. We can't forget that moment and you. Truly we thanked you all.

I also wish you happiness.


 投稿者:masaru gamagufit  投稿日:2006年11月 8日(水)22時56分48秒
  I was ganbari study  


 投稿者:MASATO  投稿日:2006年10月21日(土)15時34分1秒
  Congratulations on your marriage!!
I beatify your marriage truly.It will bring happiness to not only your life but also our heart.
By the way,have you ever listened“HOWEVER”?It's a song of GLAY.It's apt for you.
I wish you happiness.


 投稿者:Miho.s  投稿日:2006年10月21日(土)00時00分10秒
Today is special day for you and your wife☆★ヽ( ゚∀)人(゚∀゚)人(∀゚ )ノI wish Mr.kikuchi and Ms.kikuchi good luck.